Reputation & Integrity Due Diligence

"Identifying the hidden and not so obvious; unearthing the exaggerated or conveniently omitted, uncovering the traps, red flags & deal breakers. Discovering who is behind the play, what is their capability, motivation and need to see the action through. Decision Risks International provides you with a single global source to screen transactions, people or deals."

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5 Great Benefits

  • We identify people factors that make or break a business opportunity
  • We save you valuable time & money by identifying the deal non-starters
  • A totally discreet service leaves the other side unaware a detailed probe is in progress because we apply non-intrusive fact finding techniques
  • With all the facts you can be confident of making an informed decision
  • It lets you independently test the proposal and assess the risks

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is...

There is no shortage of those prepared to act in bad faith, whose deception and omissions are calculated to mislead. Today, more than ever, organisations are conducting business around the globe, well outside the usual knowledge networks. Where communication & corporate advisors regularly put impressive spin and colour on even the most dubious of deals. Internet reputation consultants bury past dealings, involvement in questionable schemes and craft convincing made-to-order social media profiles that gloss over past failures and misdeeds.

Researching in the language of the country wherever it has been requested, we exploit every opportunity for you by drawing on our extensive knowledge of local customs, legislative & regulatory framework, media, key sources, non-English data and ability to have our on-the-ground operatives conduct discreet inquiries. We provide discreetly obtained comments from key sources that are in an ideal position to know of the company's dealings. Learn more

Bespoke research that targets your exact needs

Decision Risks International provides discreet, best in class and highly adaptive due diligence investigations, probity inquiries and customizable backgrounding on anyone or situation. Based on the 000's of deals, transactions, companies and individuals investigated over 35 years, we have honed the best techniques for getting to the truth.

We use innovative open source intelligence methods that ensure we know exactly where to then, scrutinize and discover the vital facts, no matter how difficult they are to find. With the right filters to weigh through relevant data and using our specially developed tools to access global subscription databases, skillfully sifting through and distilling the key facts.

Independent Risk Analysis

If you elect prior to our engagement, and it is relevant for the type of inquiry being undertaken, Decision Risks International can in addition to reporting on risk factors also use its specifically developed 'Independent Risk Analysis' tool. This dynamically measures and adjusts factor weights influenced by company, industry, adverse market conditions against the identified dealings of the subject entities we have examined. Learn more

Simple fit your needs & budget

If we don't have a standard package to suit you then we will fit one to your requirements. Our pricing structure is based on the number of individuals/companies we need to examine, risk profile, experience investigating in certain markets & locations, likely difficulties in sourcing quality information and the average time taken on similar inquiries.

We are of course experienced in undertaking extremely complex, difficult or far reaching inquiries around the world and would be happy to quote this for you.

Getting the crucial facts

We cover the following key information and much more if you require.

Our profiles aim to identify the:

  • negative and risk factors regarding reputation
  • prior insolvency/bankruptcy
  • legal, litigation & credit history
  • standing in the community/ participating markets
  • internet exposure
  • media profile, particularly adverse findings
  • identifiable assets
    (shares, property, marine craft, aeroplanes, etc.)
  • failure to honour arrangements or questionable dealings

In the case of a corporation, we will also report on its:

  • overall legal structure and history
  • shareholders
  • current activities
  • principal products or services
  • other operating locations
  • if part of a Group how it functions as an inter-related entity
  • financial position (if available)
  • essential facts, and importantly what those in the know are saying about this business

We look for any:

  • risk exposures
  • inconsistencies
  • untruthfulness
  • conveniently omitted facts
  • red flags & International watch lists
  • insight into the motives & need to progress the deal
  • intentions, track record, conflicts of interest,
  • associations & networks
  • embarrassing litigation or disputes not publicly reported
  • undisclosed control of companies


We'll provide an initial telephone consultation and understand your issue maybe extremely sensitive so we handle all inquiries discreetly and in the strictest confidence.

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