PreScreen Transact™ - Business Insight Report

Decision Risks International's- PreScreen Transact helps you evaluate business opportunities, potential partner organizations and the people behind them. Before you negotiate a deal, eliminate the less than ethical, non-viable and time wasting proposals early on.

Call Us Now On 1300 222 547PreScreen™ offers 6 real benefits for your organization:

PreScreen Recruit
  • PreScreen™ saves valuable time identifying clearly the deal non-starters from those that warrant examination - with the real facts.
  • PreScreen™ promotes confidence in the marketplace with perceived quality substantiation and stamps the deal as independently verified.
  • PreScreen™ allows your enterprise to save funds on poor investments. The potential displeasure of the board or stakeholder ire should one of these go wrong is not an option.
  • PreScreen™ lets you independently test the proposed market model, stated strategies and current market conditions. You can also consider the elements of risk alluded to, or conveniently left out.
  • PreScreen™ lets you make an informed choice on whether to proceed or withdraw, because it seeks out the withheld or non-declared information. It also identifies the people factors, which can make or break the business opportunity and determine the likely success or failure. A totally discreet service leaves the otherside unaware that a detailed probe is in progress, because we apply our non-intrusive fact finding techniques. On the other hand you may decide to signal your intended use of Decision Risks International’s - PreScreen™ in a transparent and declared way to ward off approaches or by not having to deal with less reputable deal makers who may decide to withdraw before the "puffed up" proposal is put to the blow torch.
  • PreScreen™ acknowledges the latest Anti Money Laundering/Counter Terrorism Financing and Financial Crime laws that have rolled out around in this region and around the world.

Much more than just an aggregator of relative data, a credit report or company report, PreScreen is a world class profiling initiative specifically developed by Decision Risks International to give you real insight and the 'must know' details about the organizations and those key people you plan to deal with. Our 'cutting edge' software tool, PreScreen™ Interactive makes expert use of our 35 years experience, gaining access to a vast number of paid subscription databases around the world and makes effective use of our unparalleled knowledge about where to look and get the information you need quickly. Our research is totally discrete and if you prefer the subject will never know you have commissioned our services.

PreScreen Transact™ - Business Insight Report

PreScreen Transact™ provides the most comprehensive available and totally unbiased snapshot:

  • Structure, shareholding, ownership and control
  • History of litigation
  • Key issues confronting the organization
  • Current and proposed activity
  • Number of employees
  • Business & strategic partnerships
  • Main suppliers
  • Export markets or overseas drives
  • Major customers
  • Secondary trading thrusts
  • Financial analyzis - available key data, metrics, financial highlights, banking and funding arrangements (in those jurisdictions where available)
  • Company background & trading… highlighting the essential facts


To assist you in assessing overall risk and to gain maximum insight we risk rate those organizations profiled. In addition to providing key trading information, we weight adverse and negative factors including:

  • Regulatory infractions
  • Insolvency and financial issues
  • Positive and negative media commentary
  • Litigation history
  • Change of control
  • Involvement in related party transactions
  • Public profile and company announcements of profit downgrades/warnings
  • Record of directors/senior executives or recent changes to management
  • Inclusion on worldwide sanctioned, embargoed or denied individuals lists including:-
    • Financially or Politically Exposed Persons,
    • Interpol/International Wanted lists of fraudsters-scammers, money launderers, known terrorist financiers, drug smugglers or people traffickers
    • Companies' linked to Offshore Financial Centres or dealing with prescribed/sanctioned/debarred countries
  • Transparency of dealings and ease in identifying ownership

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The most comprehensive organization corporate evaluation and profiling tool in the world. PreScreen Transact™ reports usually take 7 - 10 business days for us to send a final electronic report in interactive PDF. (depending on the country).

Of course, if there are real issues we will flag these once verified.

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