• informed decisions
  • crucial insight
  • getting behind the secretive
  • reducing your risk
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7 Great reasons why PreScreen makes all the difference...

  • Reduces the risk of future employee misconduct or unsuitability
  • Offers confidence in those you do hire
  • You get real insight & avoid the effort spent on poor candidates
  • Provides justification for your decision to employ or not
  • Deters questionable candidates from progressing further
  • Fast turnaround - competitive pricing
  • Fully customised packages to suit you

Pre-employment Screening...saves you time & money

The impact of hiring the wrong person is much greater today than ever before. Candidates are now technologically empowered, more media aware and connected, can establish impressive 'made to look good' social networking profiles, are smarter and move often, making it difficult to accurately verify or establish their factual history.

Flexible, Accurate & Reliable

The PreScreen Online solution guides candidates every step of the way so you don't have to and can focus instead on other tasks while remaining confident the facts are being unearthed, verified and you have real insight from the process. It allows candidates extreme flexibility to provide details securely when it is convenient.

Our approach, developed and fine-tuned over 35 years, ensures candidates provide accurate and relevant details, not just the gloss commonly found in resumes. PreScreen aims to detect the slightest discrepancies, omissions or untruthful claims.

PreScreen Recruit™

Simple & Effective

We realise that organisations have very different needs, so, if our screening packages don't suit you, we will tailor one for you. But importantly:

  • There are no locked-in contracts
  • Minimum number to be purchased
  • Software to install
  • Start up, search or data entry fees that some others charge
  • Just order when you have the need

From experience, we have found clients generally prefer one of the four (4) carefully developed employment screening packages above. These cover the majority of employees, contractors or franchisees in all market segments, are as unique as the individuals on which they are prepared, and have been carefully designed to address the risk profile of most organisations.

Our Service Commitment to You

We do business very differently to ensure you get the right candidate, a great result and not a future headache. Your needs are unique and we aim to deliver you a premium service - every time. We work with, and guide you every step of the way to compliment and enhance your employment screening processes. We don't leave you up in the air waiting for, or trying to interpret results, we are proactive in flagging and bring the important issues to your attention early on.

More than just reference checking

PreScreen Recruit™ is a Decision Risks International initiative focused on giving you a clear picture on those new candidates you may consider hiring or existing employees that maybe up for review or promotion. Take a look at our brief description of what steps can be taken to verify an individual's background.



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