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  • Reliable & insightful company information
  • Coverage around the world

In an increasingly smaller world global business has, despite vast opportunities also significant risks. Knowing you have a reliable source that gets behind the unclear, hidden or misrepresented to inform you who controls or owns the entity and what is their true capability, is vital. Much more than a credit report, PreScreen Global™ has been developed to give you the information needed to make good decisions.

Eight (8) of the most common questions asked by our clients when ordering our PreScreen Global™ company reports.

  1. Does the company actually exist and who is behind it?
  2. What is the quality of the key people running the organization?
  3. Is the company viable and has it met its obligations in the past?
  4. What is its reputation and has it a history of dealing credibly?
  5. Can the company deliver on the claims and representations it makes?
  6. What degree of risk exists in doing business with this company?
  7. What is there that I don’t know, but which may be extremely vital if I did?
  8. Is dealing with this company a wise proposition or potential nightmare?

Decision Intelligence PreScreen Global

Call Us Now On 1300 222 547We specialize in investigating organizations, the people behind them, no matter where they are located.  PreScreen Global™ aims to supply you with the company’s:- 

  • Registration status
  • Financial details (if available)
  • Incorporation & registration details, office bearers and shareholders
  • Business overview, activities & history
  • Registered charges, mortgages or known encumberances
  • Liquidation or bankruptcy proceedings
  • Public profile, media sentiment & adverse press
  • Identifiable history of litigation, prosecution or adverse dealings
  • Deep Internet search – what’s out there you are not seeing but should
  • Red flags & Anti Money Laundering/Counter Terrorism listings
  • Identified links, arrangements or associations with other parties
  • Identifiable related entities

Do we cover the country where the company is located –

If we do not cover the jurisdiction you require contact us to see if we can.

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The most comprehensive organization corporate evaluation and profiling tool in the world. PreScreen Global™ reports usually require between 7 - 10 business days for us to send a final electronic report in interactive PDF.(depending on the country).

PreScreen Global™ - US$895.00*

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* Please note that a 2.5% surcharge applies to Diners Club & American Express card transactions.
* Purchasers in Australia or Singapore are required to pay the country's Good & Services Tax (GST) in addition.


Decision Risks International has its Head Office in Australia with regional offices across Asia and supported by one of the most extensive networks of search agents & local investigators in all countries where it undertakes inquiries.

Company Registration Number: 097 950 555  
Australian Business number 65 097 950 555 
Australia - NSW Police CAPI License Number: 410372982

We have over 30 years developed PreScreen Interactive™, our own 'cutting edge' software & database tool that scours the world to dig deep, finding the hidden and connecting us with direct sources that have the information you require in most countries. We currently work in 115 countries and jurisdictions but circumstances are changing as we negotiate new partnerships and extend our capability.


PreScreen™ offers 6 real benefits for your organization:

PreScreen Transact PreScreen™ saves valuable time identifying clearly the deal non-starters from those that warrant examination - with the real facts.

PreScreen Transact PreScreen™ promotes confidence in the marketplace with perceived quality substantiation and stamps the deal as independently verified.

PreScreen Transact PreScreen™ allows your enterprise to save funds on poor investments. The potential displeasure of the board or stakeholder ire should one of these go wrong is not an option.

PreScreen Transact PreScreen™ lets you independently test the proposed market model, stated strategies and current market conditions. You can also consider the elements of risk alluded to, or conveniently left out.

PreScreen Transact PreScreen™ lets you make an informed choice on whether to proceed or withdraw, because it seeks out the withheld or non-declared information. It also identifies the people factors, which can make or break the business opportunity and determine the likely success or failure. A totally discreet service leaves the otherside unaware that a detailed probe is in progress, because we apply our non-intrusive fact finding techniques. On the other hand you may decide to signal your intended use of Decision Risks International’s - PreScreen™ in a transparent and declared way to ward off approaches or by not having to deal with less reputable deal makers who may decide to withdraw before the "puffed up" proposal is put to the blow torch.

PreScreen Transact PreScreen™ acknowledges the latest Anti Money Laundering/Counter Terrorism Financing and Financial Crime laws that have rolled out around in this region and around the world.

Association of Certified Financial Crime Specialists