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Computer Forensic InvestigationsWe trawl the Internet and Deep Web hunting for those who use its anonymity to commit crimes, make threats, write what they want or who cause harm and distress.

Identifying the author of emails, locating those hiding behind anonymous and masked internet addresses, activist sites, blogs, social networking postings or articles; those monitoring you or who are the architects of fraudulent scams. We find them, turn the tables and put you in the winning position.

We didn't just wonder into this area. Our Forensic team comprising the foremost computer analysts, intelligence, law enforcement and security IT experts have been at the cutting edge of technological advances for over 35 years; ahead of every development since the first PC was sold in the 1980's and before the advent of modern Internet & social media platforms.

We help develop all the evidence and tell it as it is so you get results....


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Hunting those who use the Internet's Anonymity to Commit Crimes, Harm or Gain an Advantage

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Tracing Anonymous EmailsTracing Anonymous Emails

The proliferation of web-based email can offer apparent anonymity with messages bouncing around the world through specialist routing services and proxy servers to avoid revealing the sender's true identity. There are those that send harassing, defamatory, threatening or bullying messages or who try to defraud and induce unwitting victims into dubious schemes. We locate and identify those involved....

Unauthorised AccessUnauthorised Access

It is commonly believed that computer intrusion comes from outsiders; but in fact, over 70% is as a result of internal abuse. Of all unauthorised access, 26% involves theft of proprietary information, 19% sabotage of data or networks, 14% - financial fraud and 32% is from denial of service attacks.

But whether it is an employee exceeding their rights to access or an unidentified party remotely hacking your computer, we find out exactly what took place during each session and by whom. The opening & closing of files, alterations or actions, files printed-copied-deleted or forwarded to another email address are all detected. If data has been deliberately deleted, we will recover and reconstruct your records.

Identifying Critical LeaksIdentifying Critical Leaks

Your organisation could fall victim to any one of the following:

  • Misguided employees deliberately leaking information or spreading mischievous comments about other employees or the organisation.
  • Vital pricing, sales, customer lists, tender information & IP passed on to suppliers, friends, competitors or in preparation of an employee starting up their own competing business.
  • Those aligned to other interest groups that have a different agenda from your own.
  • Information regarding unannounced decisions or pending changes passed onto to the media or those that may profit.

You could also find that your organisation has been targeted in other ways such as being the focus of a sophisticated commercial intelligence gathering campaign to systematically penetrate or access key details about strategies, sensitive negotiations, market aspirations, customers, personal and stakeholder relations.

With an armoury of weapons to combat the problem, from obtaining proof of who is behind the leaks, determining exactly what has been accessed or who has targeted your organisation. Decision Risks International works with you to uncover the full extent of the problem....

Reputation LossReputation Loss

There are those out there who seek to undermine your brand or reputation. Anonymously posting erroneous rumours or malicious information, they can be active on weblogs, social networking sites, chat forums, message boards or may hijack your websites & social media accounts to make spurious claims against you. We've seen it all.

Decision Risks International goes deep into the Internet using meta-data analysis to identify and monitor the tell tale signs and activities of those that have taken great measures to hide their dealings and direct interest in you. We track keywords used to link you or your business, social networking references (Facebook™, Twitter™, LinkedIn™, Bebo™, etc.), social bookmarking sites, RSS blog & news feeds, microblogging communities, search directories, electronic media, dating & personal rating sites to produce hard evidence of abuse.

Cyber CrimeCyber Crime

Computer or cyber crime involves use of technology to intercept, access, delete, damage and suppress data or to attack networks. Its role in online fraud & identity theft is well known but also includes hacking, spamming, child grooming & paedophilic pornography, copyright infringement, drug trafficking and illegal breach of confidentiality.

Decision Risks International targets those who practice obscene & offensive acts involving vilification, racism, libel, slander, seditious, harassing, bullying, predator and hate crimes.

Always at the cutting edge, we remain one step ahead to uncover and resolve your problem....

Gaining Crucial Evidence

Decision Risks International brings together a whole solution for you, we not only help to identify and profile offenders but gain crucial evidence to prosecute. When appropriate, we coordinate the investigation with relevant police agencies and your lawyers should you wish to proceed this way.


We'll provide an initial telephone consultation and understand your issue maybe extremely sensitive so we handle all inquiries discreetly and in the strictest confidence.

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