Information & IP Abuse

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Protecting Your Information

Many organisations don't appreciate the significant risk they can experience if key information were to fall into the wrong hands, such as competitors, suppliers, activist groups, the media, or employees who have decided to go it alone, but remain behind temporarily to leak out choice details that may be vital in a new venture. This can include downloading files or forwarding emails to transmit specifically targeted data.

4 common ways to fall victim....

  • Misguided employees who anonymously spread mischievous, vexatious or defamatory comments about other employees or the organisation
  • Personnel aligning themselves to other interest groups that have a very different agenda from your own
  • Employees who deliberately leak vital pricing, sales or tender information to suppliers, friends or competitors
  • Sophisticated competitor intelligence campaigns aimed at draining key details about strategies, sensitive negotiations, market aspirations, customers, personnel and stakeholder relations

Decision Risks International has decades of experience in identifying and dealing with those that attempt to steal or misuse information.


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