Identifying Control & Ownership

Identifying Control & OwnershipMost individuals and corporations go out of their way to be open and transparent. But some go to great lengths to disguise their interest and control. Some may simply use a proxy, an accountant or acquaintance, nominee company or trust fund to warehouse their involvement and to quarantine assets locally from those that have entitlement. But others go a lot further.

Some will enlist the aid of international lawyers, tax accountants and financial consultants to set up elaborate schemes incorporating trusts, dummy companies and Liechtenstein Enstalts.

A myriad of bank accounts will facilitate the illegal movement of funds from one country to the next. These are often routed through secret Offshore Financial Centres as they go. And quite often the funds will return laundered and undetected, right back where they started. Click here to view more information on our Asset Tracing service.

Finding The Answers

Not only can Decision Risks International provide forensic services that dig up all the above information, we can also find out much more.

In some cases, a company may be stalking its prey, secretly accumulating an interest or joining in allegiance with a competitor.

Unwitting property owners are often blissfully unaware that the un-solicited offer they have received is really being made on behalf of a developer. They wish to consolidate numerous adjoining sites that together have significantly greater value than the amount being put to you.

Activist and protest groups often disguise the vested interests of those behind the scenes that are attempting to sway public sentiment for their own purpose.

Our Successes

Decision Risks International has successfully tracked and located the interests and assets of high profile corporate criminals worldwide. We have also researched investment banks protecting their client's funds and those avoiding hefty divorce or litigation settlements.


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