Employee Misconduct

5 problems you'd rather not have....

  • Do you suspect an employee is passing on key information to a competitor, supplier, media, activists or a government agency?
  • Is your employee showing signs of a lavish lifestyle and living beyond his or her income?
  • Are you concerned an employee is behind the anonymous circulation of offensive or sensitive email that is undermining your organisation & culture?
  • Do you have concerns that an employees is, or intends to set up their own business or thinking of joining a competitor?
  • Do you suspect your computer network been accessed by an employee removing or deleting sensitive files?

Call Us Now On 1300 222 547From rank & file to the most senior executives, increasing numbers are becoming involved in fraud, improper relations, conflicts of interest, making defamatory claims and misusing information that can threaten your reputation, profitability and assets.

There are lots of ways that a malevolent employee can act to undermine and put you at a disadvantage. Breach of fiduciary duty, exceeding delegated authorities for personal gain, corruptly arranging for outsiders to win tenders, cozy deals, exaggerating performance, transmitting offensive or damaging remarks and acting inappropriately. Gambling addiction, substance abuse, over indebtedness, excessive use of social media, indiscretion, behavioural issues or other personal circumstances may compromise and present real conduct risk.

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