Computer Forensic InvestigationsComputer Forensic Investigation

Looking for Digital Evidence

Whether you are looking for absolute proof to win a civil action, launch criminal proceedings or just wish to satisfy yourself about what is really happening, Decision Risks International's rapid response teams use the latest forensic discovery tools, cutting edge technology and investigative know-how, honed over 35 years of experience to provide the most highly regarded, certified & court recognised computer forensic investigation experts to:

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  • Recover deliberately deleted documents, databases, emails, or text messages
  • Prove an employee, associate or unknown party accessed the computer and what they did during each session
  • Identify files downloaded or copied to a USB, external drive or who they may have been emailed to
  • Analyse mobile phones to identify call history, deliberately deleted text messages, emails, images & recordings
  • Uncover internet activity and those websites visited
  • Locate key loggers or spyware monitoring programs left behind by past employees, partners, associates or network administrators
  • Prove fraud, misconduct or improper activity
  • Demonstrate funds and assets have been transferred and where they currently are
  • Discover the real identity of those behind threatening or anonymous emails
  • Uncover those mounting malicious, undermining or hate campaigns; and identify those behind online scams, spoofing, data harvesting, virus or denial of service attacks
  • Determine the level of activity with social networking sites such as Facebook™, Twitter™, blogging, etc. and what position or representations an individual is making about themselves and others
  • Crack encrypted files & passwords to get behind the hidden evidence

The reasons for conducting forensic investigation on a computer, tablet, network server, mobile phone or the Internet are numerous, but commonly occur because you maybe looking at one of the following:

  • Employee misconduct
  • Identity theft
  • Fraud or corrupt conduct
  • Divorce, separation or Child custody issues
  • Threats or extortion
  • Theft of IP & trade secrets
  • Money laundering & terrorism
  • Malicious deletion of sensitive data
  • Unauthorised access to confidential data
  • Concealing or fabricating evidence
  • Installed monitoring programs
  • Email Abuse - harassment, intimidation, bullying or defamation
  • Internet misuse - web email, social networking sites, child pornography, illegal downloading or gambling
  • Information leaks to competitors, suppliers, the media or others

Computer Forensic InvestigationsRecovering Crucial Data

Where our clients or their Legal Counsel can demonstrate ownership of a mobile phone, tablet or computer supplied to an employee or family member, if they have obtained Court ordered Discovery, where we have lawful authority from Law Enforcement agencies then Decision Risks International can recover vital deleted or remnant information from these devices. This includes past text messages and emails received and sent whether deliberately deleted or not, photographic use, browsing, online payment & banking, etc.


We'll provide an initial telephone consultation and understand your issue maybe extremely sensitive so we handle all inquiries discreetly and in the strictest confidence.

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Mobile Phones

The mobile phone is undoubtedly the most prolific electronic communication device of our time. Convergence of telephony, email, internet browsing, SMS-text messaging, digital photography and music; increasingly coming together with banking, point-of-sale purchases, the confidential information stored in Apps that link our precise whereabouts at any point in time, along with substantial amounts of social media activity now presents great opportunity and a crucial way of gaining crucial evidence.

In other cases, these devices are being easily targeted by those with the latest Bluetooth™ or remotely installed software technology that can allow downloading of contents, transfer call/data communications remotely in real time.

SMS - Text Message Retrieval

It is often thought that once a text message has been sent or deleted it no longer exists. In reality, those messages, including the time sent, sender or receiver maybe retained in the phone's memory for sometime. Later, to be made available as evidence.

Changes in recent years to company reporting, governance and counter terrorism laws worldwide have meant that Telco's must also keep these records.

Lawyers & Counsel

While we have worked with most 1st & 2nd tier law firms around Australia and across Asia, many corporate clients engage us after we have first determined if there is evidence and before obtaining legal advice . Wherever appropriate, and if they do not have a regular lawyer we advise our clients to seek legal advice and direct them to a suitable firm. If you would like us to place you on our list of recommended lawyers familiar with Computer Forensic, Financial Crime, IP Abuse or Commercial Law/Litigation, or if you would like to be kept up to date of key changes in this field, then please CONTACT US.

Experience & Expertise

For Legal Practitioners what you may wish to know:

  • Decision Risks International has been operating for 35 years and is the region's oldest Forensic practice. 
  • We are extremely commercially savvy and regularly deal with complex investigations.
  • We have the experience in developing winning evidence in 000's of cases for over 3,000 government & private sector organisations.
  • We use a vast array of computer forensic recovery & analysis tools including the most recognised Encase™, FTK™, NUIX™, X-Ways™ etc.
  • We are not afraid to advise you on whether the Evidence obtained is robust and can be relied upon.
  • 'Chain Of Custody' rules & Best Practice procedures are always followed.
  • Our reports are thorough, include detailed sequence of actions, dates, copies of recovered files, complete with complex transactional analysis and graphically mapped & displayed.
  • Decision Risks International has the full capability to substantiate its findings with corroborative evidence beyond that recovered digitally. We are a full service forensic investigation firm.
  • Our Expert Witnesses are well tested and proven in many jurisdictions across the region.
  • We have experience preparing the initial supporting evidence for ex parte Anton Pillar Orders.
  • Court-Proven and reliability of US-National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST®) Computer Forensic Tool Testing (CFTT) software tools.
  • We are fully licensed to provide our services.
  • Our team has benefited over the years by having engaged, used the skills of, and embedded their DNA & culture into the way we work:
    • Chief Investigator - NSW-ICAC
    • Executive Director of NSW-ICAC
    • Detective Senior Inspector - Royal Hong Kong Police-Commercial & Trans-National Crime
    • Assistant Commissioner of Police - NSW Police-Crime Agencies
    • Senior Computer Forensics Officer - NSW Police-Special Electronic Evidence Branch
    • Scientific Officer (Forensics) - Australian Federal Police
    • Chief of Station/First Officer Political - Australian Secret Intelligence Service (Japan, China, Indonesia, Egypt & India)
    • Brig General (Ret) - Malaysian Armed Forces - Head of Military Intelligence, Head of Intelligence to the Office of the Malaysian Prime Minister
    • Some of this country's best commercial investigative analysts, computer engineers and in-house lawyers.
    • Forensic Investigator - NSW Crime Commission


We'll provide an initial telephone consultation and understand your issue maybe extremely sensitive so we handle all inquiries discreetly and in the strictest confidence.

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