Delivering Critical Insight

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Decision Intelligence

Knowledge is power

Looking at a new deal, transaction or relationship. Protect your interests and reputation by detecting deception, discovering the hidden or misleading, all too conveniently omitted or grossly misrepresented.

Its just plain smart to identify the people factors, like unstated motivation, associates, potential conflicts, unseen networks and who is actually calling the shots. Identify the deal breakers and red flags before you waste valuable time, & money.

We passionately believe tactical risk analysis is also about getting behind the play, seizing opportunities, teasing out competitive advantage, improving your negotiating position and empowering you with the best ever business intelligence that keeps you in an absolute winning position.

Risk Advice

Winning the fight

Headed into legal conflict, or perhaps you are on the other end of employee misconduct, financial crime, need to trace assets or money trail, a victim of IP theft, information leaks, libelous, defamatory or scurrilous online campaigns, then you want irrefutable evidence NOW.

Association of Certified Financial Crime Specialists